We help build companies that are transforming education.

Founded by Edtech veterans, EDGE provides expert mentors from early childhood learning, to K12, to higher education, to skills acquisition, to corporate training, and more...  Are you at the "founders edge" between wild success and failure?  Come to The EDGE Accelerator and let us help launch you to success.



EDGE Accelerator provides access to the largest and most powerful network of edtech leaders, entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors, and coaches.

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We'll help you build critical capabilities that will take your startup to the next level in customer acquisition, product management, competitive strategy, organization building, fundraising, and other functions.

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Ready for The EDGE? EDGE provides a physical location and hub for thought leadership, classes, programming, meetups and co-working space for the NYC education technology community.  Here's how you can be a part of the community.

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